Infrared and Visible Image Fusion Techniques Based on Deep Learning: A Review

Changqi Sun, Cong Zhang, Naixue Xiong
2020 Electronics  
Infrared and visible image fusion technologies make full use of different image features obtained by different sensors, retain complementary information of the source images during the fusion process, and use redundant information to improve the credibility of the fusion image. In recent years, many researchers have used deep learning methods (DL) to explore the field of image fusion and found that applying DL has improved the time-consuming efficiency of the model and the fusion effect.
more » ... sion effect. However, DL includes many branches, and there is currently no detailed investigation of deep learning methods in image fusion. In this work, this survey reports on the development of image fusion algorithms based on deep learning in recent years. Specifically, this paper first conducts a detailed investigation on the fusion method of infrared and visible images based on deep learning, compares the existing fusion algorithms qualitatively and quantitatively with the existing fusion quality indicators, and discusses various fusions. The main contribution, advantages, and disadvantages of the algorithm. Finally, the research status of infrared and visible image fusion is summarized, and future work has prospected. This research can help us realize many image fusion methods in recent years and lay the foundation for future research work.
doi:10.3390/electronics9122162 fatcat:zrcvzwuagbbnnpvv4viatitfqa