Broadband Access for All: Strategies and Tactis of Wireless Traffic Sharing

Jinadu Olayinka, Owa Victor
2014 International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications  
Network engineers have designed an array of protocols that enabled shared access in various wired and wireless contexts at different layers of the protocol stack [1]. One approach to managing unlicensed spectrum is to rely on a technical protocol to allocate and manage shared access Lehr [2]. This paper addressed the benefits of unlicensed wireless traffic within licensed traffic (anticipated as cognitive router-based networking). A focus on shared access to non-exclusive use of the spectrum
more » ... h an holistic view of technical and institutional features is suggested for effective management of 'spectrum commons'. Using the adapted cognitive radio architectural model and its associated multi-hop ad-hoc networking strategies to implement the 'spectrum-common', mobility is enhanced with each node acting as a router and packet forwarder. We formulate management frameworks that can integrate well with liquid protocols for mobile nodes. Also, these frameworks incorporate new strategies of intelligently adapting the nodes to dynamically participate in setting bandwidth capacity stochastically. The projected use of dynamic bandwidth shaping algorithm for the cognitive radio-based network (CRN) when implemented will make broadband access more economical to users and the spectrum used effectively.
doi:10.14569/ijacsa.2014.051104 fatcat:5f5fvpshjrd23a7iwhza4dubu4