String-induced Yang-Mills coupling to self-dual gravity

Chandrashekar Devchand, Olaf Lechtenfeld
1999 Nuclear Physics B  
By considering N=2 string amplitudes we determine the (2+2)-dimensional target space action for the physical degrees of freedom: self-dual gravity and self-dual Yang-Mills, together with their respective infinite towers of higher-spin inequivalent picture states. Novel 'stringy' couplings amongst these fields are essential ingredients of an action principle for the effective target space field theory. We discuss the covariant description of this theory in terms of self-dual fields on a
more » ... e parametrised by the target space coordinate and a commuting chiral spinor.
doi:10.1016/s0550-3213(98)00732-9 fatcat:aohpyhfxmfafxknpxhuvwbfq4q