Root CanalIrrigants in Pediatric Dentistry:A Literature Review & Update

Vaibhav Kotecha
Successful root canal treatment is dependent on the removal of microorganisms from he pulp and other anatomical irregularities of the root canal system. However, complete elimination of bacterial contaminants as well as necrotic debris require adjunctive use of root canal irrigants along with mechanical instrumentation. Irrigants can augment mechanical debridement by flushing out debris, dissolving tissue, and disinfecting the root canal system.Chemical debridement is especially needed for
more » ... lly needed for primary teeth with complex internal anatomy and zones inaccessible to debridements, such as accessorycanals, ramifications, and dentinal tubules that might be missed by instrumentation.None of the available irrigating solutions alone provides all the ideal requirements. Studies have shown that a combination of two or more irrigating solutions in a specific sequence will help to achieve optimal irrigation
doi:10.47413/vj140201 fatcat:yxxwz6nzizhvtloth3snn7fucm