Two new species of Exampithoe Barnard, 1925, subgenus Melanesius Ledoyer, 1984, from southern Australia (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Ampithoidae)

Jean Just
2000 Records of the Australian Museum  
Exampithoe (Melanesius) compressa n.sp. and E. (M.) halei n.sp. are described from shallow water in southern Australia. The distinctive compressed body shape sets the former species apart from other Exampithoe. Exampithoe (M.) halei is of similar body shape as the two previously known species in Melanesius, viz. E. (M.) cooki and E. (M.) kutti, but can be immediately distinguished from them by the angular cutting edge of its gnathopods 1 and 2, and by its vestigial mandibular molar.
doi:10.3853/j.0067-1975.52.2000.1310 fatcat:cjg4esgwvjcfxh6scrcyrqja3m