Studies on Reticulo-Endothelial System

Kihachi Unoura
1953 Tohoku journal of experimental medicine  
It seems rather difficult that only one method can successfully be employed to tell completely the intricate function of the reticulo-endo thelial system. Adler-Reimann1) initiated the congo-red test in 1925 and measured the congo-red indices, asserting that lower values would indi cate the accelerated function and higher values the dull function of the system. Our investigations2) revealed that the congo-red indices would show satisfactorily the functional activity of the reticulo-endothelial
more » ... ticulo-endothelial system. Therefore, I made an attempt to measure the congo-red indices given by various diseases and make clear the clinical significance of the test. EXPERIMENTAL Method The congo-red indices in healthy persons lie, according to Adler-Rei mann1), between 50-70%, but Akashi and others3) count 51.3-72.2% as the normal range, Ueda and others4) 47-80%. I measured those of 8 healthy adults by Adler-Reimann's original method and found the lowest and the highest values to be 51.1 % and 72.0% respectively. In this study, there fore, 50-72% were regarded as the normal range for congo-red indices. Results 1) Liver diseases Congo-red indices from 93.9 to 57.8 (average 80.8) were obtained in 24 patients who had been diagnosed as certain cases of liver diseases by clinical observation, needle-biopsy, operation, and autopsy in our medical Clinic. 18 of them presented high values (75%). 4 cases of carcinoma of the liver and the bile duct exhibited the high values 85.7-93.3, all accompanied with intensive jaundice. Of 4 cirrhosis cases, 3 were accompanied with jaundice and showed high values. The 27
doi:10.1620/tjem.58.27 fatcat:hiwlrmxpynbvvolynnapa3g3lm