Evaluation of serious case reviews and anti-racist practice [chapter]

Kish Bhatti-Sinclair, Donna Price
Social work in a diverse society  
Placing a child in out-of-home care is one of the most important decisions made by professionals in the child care system, with substantial social, psychological, educational, medical and economic consequences. This paper considers the challenges and difficulties of building statistical models of this decision by reviewing the available international evidence. Despite the large number of empirical investigations over a fifty year period, a consensus on the variables associated with this
more » ... d with this decision is hard to identify. In addition, the individual models have low explanatory and predictive power and should not be relied on to make placement decisions. A number of reasons for this poor performance are offered, and some ways forwards suggested. This paper also aims to facilitate the emergence of a coherent and integrated international literature from the disconnected and fragmented empirical studies. Rather than one placement problem, there are many slightly different problems, and therefore it is expected that a number of related sub-literatures will emerge, each concentrating on a particular definition of the placement problem.
doi:10.2307/j.ctt1t893mg.16 fatcat:frixyxgqvfe2zdjnlbcazbsjq4