Cosmic-ray energy densities in star-forming galaxies

Massimo Persic, Yoel Rephaeli, A. Morselli, A. Capone, G. Rodriguez Fernandez
2017 EPJ Web of Conferences  
The energy density of cosmic ray protons in star forming galaxies can be estimated from π 0decay γ-ray emission, synchrotron radio emission, and supernova rates. To galaxies for which these methods can be applied, the three methods yield consistent energy densities ranging from U p ∼ 0.1 − 1 eV cm −3 to U p ∼ 10 2 − 10 3 eV cm −3 in galaxies with low to high star-formation rates, respectively.
doi:10.1051/epjconf/201713602008 fatcat:vabgbpuqhndltdgnpexomxnjaa