Evaluation of acute and sub acute hepatotoxic activity of Trichodesma indicum aqueous methanolic extract in mice

Nadia Perveen, Khwaja Zafar Ahmed, Tehseen Irshad, Nayab Latif, Zainab Kaleem, Faiza Naseer
2016 Research in Pharmacy and Health Sciences  
Objective: Present study was carried out to evaluate acute and subacute hepatotoxicity of Trichodesma indicum (whole plant). Methods: Toxicity study of Trichodesma indicum was carried out in Swiss mice after ingestion of the aqueous methanolic extract, during one day (acute toxicity) and after fifteen days (subacute toxicity). Results: The results showed that the LD50 of the extract was higher than 4000 mg/kg and subacute treatment showed no change in weight of the liver and ALT, ALP, AST, no
more » ... rked effect on bilirubin, albumin, protein decreased and globulin values increased significantly. Histopathological studies also showed necrosis and excessive vacuolation in maximum dose. Conclusion: So, the extract showed a ladder like dose related hepatotoxicity. This showed that liver function showed mild injury by Trichodesma indicum in this study.
doi:10.32463/rphs.2016.v02i01.06 fatcat:5mgwtgxeqvhf7kmrv7nddyexeq