1909 Journal of the American Medical Association  
created, should be supplied. Such reports as these of the section committees should stimulate discussion as to the real value of some of the new drugs and aid materially in making the Pharmacopeia more representative of the best (not the worst) in the practice of medicine. THE SCIENTIFIC MESSAGE OF THE YEAR Probably the most important annual message delivered in the English-speaking world of science\p=m-\and it is, indeed, eagerly looked for throughout all the scientific world\p=m-\isthe
more » ... d\p=m-\isthe address of the president of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. The annual presidential address was delivered by Professor J. J. Thompson, the distinguished British physicist. The whole address1 is well worth perusal by physicians who are interested in general science and by educators of all classes, whether especially interested in science or not. Though far from pessimistic as to the future, Professor Thompson sees in modern education two tendencies which do not favor the development of investigating scientists and original discoverers\p=m-\or,indeed, of broad and well-balanced men and women. One is the ten-
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