Evaluation of the Current Situation of Cell Phone Waste in Egypt: Review Article

Amal Fahmy, Magda Abd El-Atty
2012 Journal of High Institute of Public Health  
In the last decade, the total number of cellular phone (CP) subscribers in Egypt increased from only 654000 subscribers in October 1999 to 55.352 million in December 2009. Latest available data in February 2012 recorded 112.74 CP subscribers per 100 inhabitants. CPs are composed of a variety of materials containing toxic substances that have bad impacts on both health and environment when disposed of an incorrect manner. On the other hand, environmentally friendly cellular phone waste
more » ... one waste management system has many benefits. More than 70% of the CP can be recycled, one ton of this recycled waste can generate up to 230 grams of gold. This paper aims to assess the current situation of CP waste in Egypt. Published data were collected from concerned institutions of cellular phones in Egypt as: Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), Ministry State of Environmental Affairs (MSEA), as well as regional and international ones as: Basal convention Regional office in Cairo (BCRC),The Center of Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe (CEDARE), world Bank (WB) and International Telecommunication Union (ITU).The study revealed that CP waste in Egypt is not well assessed. Few efforts were done to collect specific CP batteries, while efforts to manage other CP waste components were not satisfactory due to absence of facilities and expertise for proper dismantling, recycling and disposal of this precious yet hazardous waste. To conclude, there is a need for assessment of different types of electronic waste (e-waste) in general in Egypt. Establishing governmental and private partnership and a legal framework for e-waste trade in Egypt is recommended. Organizing awareness campaigns about ewaste is also needed.
doi:10.21608/jhiph.2012.20133 fatcat:tr6riuoofbev7kwgzmpwuzq5my