"Nie należy do mężczyzny, by wtrącał się do jadła". Rzecz o ucztowaniu i tabu pokarmowym w średniowiecznej Islandii

Radosław Jakubczyk
2020 Studia Europaea Gnesnensia  
In this paper, I discuss various kinds of feasts in Old Norse-Icelandic literature, such as wedding, funeral, or sacrificial feasts. I discuss feasting, an important part of the culture of medieval Iceland, much more in terms of its functions (political, social, religious) than in terms of its culinary aspect. In addition, I consider how religious traditions impacted Old Icelandic food culture and how food taboo related to horse-meat consumption (declared just after the conversion of Iceland to
more » ... rsion of Iceland to Christianity in 1000 CE) affected social interaction.
doi:10.14746/seg.2018.18.12 fatcat:7dknejbjdff5zc234cxbdcducy