Theoretical Analysis of Five-Point Bending and Springback for Preforming Process of ERW Pipe FFX Forming

Lidong Ma, Haoxi Ma, Zijian Liu, Shuo Chen
2019 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Flexible forming excellent (FFX) forming of electric resistance welding (ERW) pipe is an advanced roll forming method. In order to understand FFX forming mechanism and set reasonable roll parameters, five-point bending process and springback process for preforming section of ERW pipe FFX forming are analyzed. Under various assumptions, the bending process of sheet metal is divided into full elastic bending stage and elastic-plastic bending stage by analyzing the forming law and simplifying the
more » ... nd simplifying the contact state model of roll bending process. Based on the theory of plane bending theory, the five-point bending springback model is established. Mathematical expressions of bending curvature and rotation angle of arbitrary particle on plate under arbitrary state are derived. The curvature calculation formulas of each particle on plate after springback are obtained, and then the calculation formulas of bending angle and rebound angle after springback are obtained. The theoretical analysis results are verified by the wide plate five-point bending experiment. The theoretical value of springback angle agrees well with the experimental results. The maximum deviation of springback angle is 0.42 degrees. The results show that the five-point bending model is reasonable. It provides theoretical support for the preforming model of flexible roll forming.
doi:10.1155/2019/1703739 fatcat:xglmsjmoajbujaxlorxdjd4peu