Dispersion characteristics of open microstrip lines using closed-form asymptotic extraction

Seong-Ook Park, C.A. Balanis
1997 IEEE transactions on microwave theory and techniques  
A full-wave spectral-domain method with an asymptotic extraction technique is formulated for multilayer microstrip lines. This formulation provides a simple closed-form representation of the asymptotic part of the impedance matrix by using Chebyshev polynomial basis functions with the square-root edge condition and the asymptotic behavior of the Green's function. The formulation is applied to open microstrip lines. Numerical results, in the form of the effective dielectric constants, are
more » ... ed for the dominant mode. It is shown that the proposed method significantly reduces the computational time and improves the accuracy over the conventional spectral-domain approach (SDA). Index Terms-Accleration technique, microstrip lines, spectral-domain approach. Abstract-This paper presents for the first time a computer-aided design-oriented (CAD) analytical formula for the determination of the characteristic parameters of asymmetrical coupled lines of a conductorbacked coplanar type. Closed-form expressions are developed for evaluating the self and mutual static capacitances based on a sequence of conformal transformations. The derived formulas show excellent accuracy compared to the results produced by a spectral-domain approach.
doi:10.1109/22.563350 fatcat:nx5ov654jjdfrhdfxwaujvq32m