Modelling and Simulation Single Layer Anti-Reflective Coating of ZnO and ZnS for Silicon Solar Cells Using Silvaco Software

H. Abdullah, A. Lennie, I. Ahmad
2009 Journal of Applied Sciences  
The effects of silicon solar cell with presence of double layer anti-reflecting coating SiO and Si N 2 3 4 were discussed in this paper. The comparison were varied using different incident light of 90°, 60° and 30° to study the performance of the photovoltaic efficiency and external quantum efficiency of SiO /Si N silicon solar 2 3 4 cell. The solar cell structure was modelled by using Silvaco software package to study the photogeneration rate of the structure. The model showed that the
more » ... ed that the photogeneration rate had increased as the increment of incident angle and it was optimum at 90°. As for photovoltaic properties, the efficiency of SiO /Si N silicon solar cell 2 3 4 was higher than bare silicon solar cell. By increasing the incident angle the performance of the solar cell was also increased. At 90°, this solar cell was at best operation as it provided the highest value of performance of 37.76% with average fill factor of 0.76. While for external quantum efficiency of SiO /Si N silicon solar cell, the 2 3 4 maximum absorption can be achieved at wavelength of 450 nm to 625 nm and 99.36% of efficiency had been achieved at 90°. This can be concluded that the Nitride contributes for the short wavelength since it has a property whereby it has a high absorption rate at a lower wavelength which helps the solar cell to improve absorption in a long range of wavelength.
doi:10.3923/jas.2009.1180.1184 fatcat:vgfjabjr5vcj5d7hdejnecxi7u