Korneal astigmatik işaretleme için çok amaçlı bir sistem

Ertuğrul Can, Serkan Akkaya
2018 Ortadoğu Tıp Dergisi  
Aim: To evaluate a new astigmatism marking system which creates corneal marks for proper toric intraocular lens (IOL) placement to improve results of premium IOL surgery and limbal relaxing incision surgery. Material and Method: Patients were randomly allocated into two groups for preoperative corneal marking in the sitting position. A conventional pendulum marker and the new marking system were compared for vertical misalignment and rotational misalignment. A high-resolution anterior segment
more » ... anterior segment camera was used to document the corneal markings, and rotational deviation and vertical misalignment were evaluated. Results: Each group consisted of 40 eyes and all marking points were clearly identified. The mean vertical misalignment in the pendulum marking group and in the new marking system group was 0,71± 0,62 mm and 0,24 ± 0,12 mm, respectively. There was a statistically significant difference in vertical misalignment between the two groups (p < 0,05). The mean rotational deviation in the pendulum marking group and the new marking system group was 1,9 ± 2,4 degrees and 0,8 ± 1,3 degrees respectively, showing a statistically significant difference (p < 0,05). Conclusion: While the conventional pendulum marker showed a certain amount of deviation and vertical misalignment, the new marking system marked the desired axis and minimized some possible measurement errors. During use of the new system, the entire cornea and conjunctiva were visible and the procedure was controlled perfectly.
doi:10.21601/ortadogutipdergisi.456720 fatcat:nsvfgjawxbeoxcjwad3frv4wv4