Management integration framework in a shop-floor employing self-contained assembly unit for optoelectronic products

Maurizio Fiasche, Gaia Ripamonti, Francesco G. Sisca, Marco Taisch, Anna A. Valente
2015 2015 IEEE 1st International Forum on Research and Technologies for Society and Industry Leveraging a better tomorrow (RTSI)  
To establish practices and technological environments for using automated production systems in manufacturing of optoelectronic products, with characteristics of high customization of final products, of low volumes, make to order and especially of high manual activity is a challenge crucial for the future of manufacturing in Europe for this manufacturing sector. White'R is an FP7-FoF-EU Project where the main goal is to design and produce a modular-adaptive -self-containedreconfigurable robotic
more » ... island in a white room for production of two different types of optoelectronic products with features described above: laser diodes and solar cells. In this paper the production planning, scheduling and control issues of white'R for HMLV optoelectronics is discussed and a management integration framework is proposed. The management framework presented in this work aims to sustain any company employing a self-contained automated and re-configurable robotic assembly island to organize and unify the development of its manufacturing capabilities still guaranteeing the alignment with the organizational strategy developed at the highest level of an organization. Two real cases are presented but the framework is applicable to any company in the sector analyzed. This is the first paper with application of a general framework for HMLV products in a white room based, self-contained highly automated assembly environment.
doi:10.1109/rtsi.2015.7325159 fatcat:l53frkruwzcc3o4ft27luiljgu