Recovering Walking Trajectories from Local Measurements and Inertia Data

Lifeng Zhu, Chenghao Xu, Ke Shi, Wei Li, Aiguo Song, Xinhua Tang, Gaoge Hu
2020 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Capturing walking trajectories is useful for motion planning and various location-based services. Traditionally, it is a challenging task because it is expensive to install infrastructures, especially in an outdoor setting. As another choice, the reconstructed walking trajectories suffer from the drifting problem from captured inertia data. In this work, we study the biped walking motion and propose a method to recover walking trajectories by introducing local measurements between the feet to
more » ... tween the feet to the system, in combination with the orientation from inertia data. We design a few local measurements which can be passively captured. After analyzing these measurements, the walking trajectory is progressively recovered by solving a set of small-scale optimization problems. By comparing with the trajectories extracted from optical motion capture systems, we tested our method on different subjects, and the quality of the recovered walking trajectory is evaluated.
doi:10.1155/2020/8825647 fatcat:wnswy4hr5baplbi2dc7okjqmme