Urinary Infections — Medical Notes

1892 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Patterson, publisher. 1891. 148 pages. Illustrated. lins book is concisely, attractively written, and is intended by its author to present in plain, comprehensive language methods of treatment of the affections designated in its title, which are of actual value and can be depended upon to accomplish what is claimed for them by their advocates. It is an interesting work. Its chief feature is the importance and value assigned by its writer to the use of carbolic acid for the radical cure of
more » ... dical cure of haemorrhoids and fistula!. The book is well written, the facts and details clearly, very accurately stated, so that the reader will have no difficulty in understanding or testing the methods recommended. It seems worthy of a careful perusal.
doi:10.1056/nejm189206231262510 fatcat:hjfus7776nebhbvxb4brxpo7cm