Comparative study of Blood bank donor infected with HIV &Hepatitis B infection and Prevalence coal field area Dhanbad, Jharkhand

Dr Sujeet Kumar Tiwary, Tutor, Dept. of Microbiology, PMCH Dhanbad
2020 Journal of Medical Science And clinical Research  
Blood transfusion is an important component of health care and millions of lives are being saved each years through this procedure. {1.2} in Jharkhand scores of peoples visit blood bank of various hospital and other blood donation center to donate blood. Today very important role play blood banks and saving humans lives .Blood bank collected blood from donors, performing screening test and separated in to components stored, and prepared for transfusion to recipients. {3,4,} After blood is
more » ... fter blood is drawn, screening tests are also performed for evidence of donor infection with Hepatitis viruses B and C, human immune deficiency viruses (HIV) 1 and 2. Blood bank In the case of reactive screening result, confirmatory testing should be performed to identify infected blood donors should be informed. This study focus on screening test reactive donors Prevalence to HIV and Hepatitis B infection coal field area dhanbad, Jharkhand.
doi:10.18535/jmscr/v8i2.90 fatcat:ramqxcyflbgpfgtrr6j6lakqkm