Past, present and future in "Petersburg Plays" by E. Vodolazkin
Прошлое – настоящее – будущее в «Петербургских драмах» Е. Водолазкина

Natalia Georgievna Mahinina, Kazan Federal University, Liliya Harisovna Nasrutdinova, Kazan Federal University
2020 Philology and Culture  
The article studies the problem of time in "Petersburg Plays" by E. Vodolazkin, a Russian writer, philologist, and an expert in ancient Russian literature. We address the topic of time since the problem of time existence is fundamental in this author's work and contemporary culture as a whole. The purpose of the research is to determine the essence of the author's reflections about time and eternity. Our study of the plays "The Parodist" and "A Museum", which are united by similar motifs,
more » ... milar motifs, brings forth the problem of time recurrence and circulation, as well as the simultaneous imposition of multi-temporal dimensions. It is manifested through the archetypal nature of the characters and events in the plays. Vibrant intertextuality of the literary works under discussion, along with actualization of the historical atmosphere, illustrate the postulate about the contemporary author being the creator of artistic reality from the "fragments" of previous cultures, which was meaningful for the postmodern era. Hence, in accordance with the author's worldview, the logic of the development of personal history and the history of the country is regulated by the precedent experience of mankind. As a result, the boundary between the past, present and future, which appear as a kind of artistic continuum, proves to be erased in the plays by E. Vodolazkin.
doi:10.26907/2074-0239-2020-59-1-183-188 fatcat:53gqqteqxrgdtjples3sj7ng7m