Protection effect of sanguinarine on whole-body exposure of X radiation in BALB/c mice

Jia-Ying Xu, Lin Zhao, Yu Chong, Yang Jiao, Li-Qiang Qin, Sai-Jun Fan
2014 Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences  
To investigate the effects of sanguinarine (SAN) on acute radiation induced injury in mice, 45 mice were randomly divided into control, 10 Gy and SAN+10 Gy groups. Mice in the 10 Gy and SAN+10 Gy groups were exposed to single X-ray radiation with an accumulated dose of 10 Gy. Mice in the SAN+10 Gy group were administered intraperitoneally with 2.5 mg/kg body weight of SAN before radiation. Five days after radiation exposure, 5 mice from each group were sacrificed and samples of the small
more » ... of the small intestine, lung, spleen and liver were fixed for histopathological examinations. Compared with the 10 Gy group, radiation sickness was obviously delayed or attenuated in the SAN+10 Gy group. Survival analysis showed a significant difference between 2 radiation groups (P<0.05) and mean survival time was 3 days longer in the SAN+10 Gy group than in the 10 Gy group (7.21±0.19 vs. 4.20±0.13, P<0.001). Radiation-induced organ damage, based on histopathological examinations, was decreased by SAN pretreatment. Chiu's pathology grading scores, which is an index of intestinal damage, was significantly lower in the SAN+10 Gy group than in the 10 Gy group (2.77±0.48 vs. 4.37±0.31, P<0.01). A similar result was obtained in the pathological score of lung (1.67±0.21 vs. 2.33±0.38, P<0.01). Our preliminary findings demonstrated that SAN protects animals against radiation-induced sickness and acute damage to organs and following animal death.
doi:10.1590/s1984-82502011000100010 fatcat:bb7pmcov2fhoxinej2uhpmu2tq