Taguchi Method and Numerical Simulation for Variable Viscosity and Non-Linear Boussinesq Effects on Natural Convection over a Vertical Truncated Cone in Porous Media

Tu, Yih, Chou, Chou
2020 Energies  
This study uses an optimization approach representation and numerical solution for the variable viscosity and non-linear Boussinesq effects on the free convection over a vertical truncated cone in porous media. The surface of the vertical truncated cone is maintained at uniform wall temperature and uniform wall concentration (UWT/UWC). The viscosity of the fluid varies inversely to a linear function of the temperature. The partial differential equation is transformed into a non-similar equation
more » ... on-similar equation and solved by Keller box method (KBM). Compared with previously published articles, the results are considered to be very consistent. Numerical results for the local Nusselt number and local Sherwood number with the six parameters (1) dimensionless streamwise coordinate ξ, (2) buoyancy ratio N, (3) Lewis number Le, (4) viscosity-variation parameter , (5) non-linear temperature parameter , and (6) non-linear concentration parameter are expressed in figures and tables. The Taguchi method was used to predict the best point of the maxima of the local Nusselt (Sherwood) number of 3.8636 (5.1156), resulting in ξ (4), N (10), Le (0.5), (−2), (2), (2) and ξ (4), N (10), Le (2), (−2), (2), (2), respectively.
doi:10.3390/en13020504 fatcat:xaflxxpsevf4dozakquio7m7h4