The Schulze Method of Voting [article]

Markus Schulze
2022 arXiv   pre-print
We propose a new single-winner election method ("Schulze method") and prove that it satisfies many academic criteria (e.g. monotonicity, reversal symmetry, resolvability, independence of clones, Condorcet criterion, k-consistency, polynomial runtime). We then generalize this method to proportional representation by the single transferable vote ("Schulze STV") and to methods to calculate a proportional ranking ("Schulze proportional ranking"). Furthermore, we propose a generalization of the
more » ... rcet criterion to multi-winner elections. This paper contains a large number of examples to illustrate the proposed methods.
arXiv:1804.02973v11 fatcat:ychf6pfp5nevxovjmqmrng2rmu