Cosmeceutical Activities of Doinseunguitang and Its Composition
도인승기탕 및 그 구성약재의 화장품약리활성

Jin-Young Lee, Soo-Yeon Lee, Hye-Ji Jun, Ji-Young Yoon, Hyun-Uk Hwang, Joo-Hoon Park, Bong-Jeun An, Jun-Ho Son, Ju-Young Hwang
2012 The Korea Journal of Herbology  
Objectives : Cosmeceutical activities such as anti-oxidative and anti-aging effects of the Doinseunguitang and its composition, a traditional prescription, were evaluated. Methods : We performed MTT assay, melanin synthesis inhibition assay, DPPH free radical scavenging assay, SOD-like activity, xanthine oxidase inhibition assay, astringent activity assay, tyrosinase inhibition assay, elastase and collagenase inhibition assay. Results : The results were obtained as follows : DPPH free radical
more » ... DPPH free radical scavenging of water extract Doinseunguitang (DISG) and ethanol extract DISG was 60% and 50% at 1,000 ppm. Xanthine oxidase inhibition effect of ethanol extract showed more than 80% at 500 ppm. Tyrosinase inhibition and inhibition melanin synthesis activities were measured in 40% and 50% at 1,000 ppm and 100 ppm. Elastase and collagenase inhibition rate of ethanol extracts DISG 40% and 80% at 1,000 ppm. It was concluded that compositive ingredients (Persicae Seman, Glycyrrhizae Radix, Cinnamomi Ramulus, Rhei Rhizoma) influenced the most results. Conclusions : The results indicated that, ethanol extract which is superior in its anti-oxidative and anti-aging effects is useful to be applied in herbal cosmetic industry.
doi:10.6116/kjh.2012.27.5.65 fatcat:g2ptc22n35h7le3n5h37jyxbbe