Alkoholio kontrolės įstatymo pakeitimai žiniasklaidoje: atvejo analizė

Olga Kotowska-Wójcik, Marta Luty-Michalak
2018 Informacijos mokslai  
The qualitative study, conducted in 2016, was divised to explore the respondents' perceptions on balance between their roles as employees and as parents, as well as the similarities and differences between their expectations and experiences. Using data collected from semi-structured, single-person interviews with 27 fathers of young children, living in Warsaw, Poland, we identify and explore ways in which the participants construct their description of the work-life balance, especially in the
more » ... especially in the perspective of family obligations. By analyzing the data on the work-life balance, our study makes a unique contribution to the literature by drawing attention to the circumstances of how fathers deal with everyday decisions, some living in families with partnership relations, and how it pertains to their attitudes in terms of being fathers while failing or managing the work-life balance. The moment of family life cycle (e.g. just married couple, couple with small children, couple with teenagers, etc.) particularly the experiences of fatherhood, illustrates the different narratives of respondents. Our findings show the demand for implementing more flexibility of work into the employment market, which is especially important for parents.
doi:10.15388/im.2018.82.5 fatcat:26qic3x3ivdujjl7ric7zzldki