Effect of Canal Damming on the Surface Water Level Stability in the Tropical Peatland Area

Gatot Eko SUSILO, Koichi YAMAMOTO, Tsuyoshi IMAI, Takashi INOUE, Hidenori TAKAHASHI, Yoshiyuki ISHII, Hiroshi FUKAMI, Ken KOIZUMI, Kitso KUSIN
2013 Journal of Water and Environment Technology  
This research aims to analyze the effect of canal damming on surface water level stability in the drainage canals in the peatland area of Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. The focus of this research is the investigation of surface water level in Kalampangan Canal and Taruna Canal, the two biggest canals on the peatland lying between Sebangau River and Kahayan River. Surface water levels in this research were measured using automatic gauges and loggers for 11 stations. Research results indicate
more » ... esults indicate that the surface water level in the dammed area (Lg2) has the most stable water level compared to the ones of other stations. Statistical analysis using box plot method stated that Lg2 has the lowest range of normal water level compared to other stations. The research results also showed that the water level of Lg2 in the canal has specific water system, which did not depend on the flow regime in the vicinity. Based on the analysis, the dams in the canal were able to retain water in the canal for a long period of time. The dams were able to maintain the water level in Lg2 at an elevation of about + 18.0 m in the condition without water supply or water loss to other areas.
doi:10.2965/jwet.2013.263 fatcat:3t5rsk5nqjg7rdjlqvvizut4lq