Study ofB¯d,s⁎0→Dd,s+M-Decays with QCD Factorization Approach

Qin Chang, Xiaohui Hu, Zhe Chang, Junfeng Sun, Yueling Yang
2016 Advances in High Energy Physics  
Motivated by theb-physics experiments at running LHC and upcoming SuperKEKB/Belle-II, the nonleptonicB¯q⁎0→Dq+M-(q=d,sandM=π,K,ρ,K⁎) weak decays are studied within QCD factorization framework. The observables of these decay modes are first predicted. It is found that the tree-dominated and CKM-favoredB¯q⁎0→Dq+ρ-decays have the largest branching fractions~O(10-8)and thus are hopefully to be measured. TheB¯q⁎0→Dq+V-decays are dominated by the longitudinal polarization states. In addition,
more » ... In addition, associating with the relevantBmeson decays, some interesting phenomena and relations are discussed in detail; for example,RB≡B(B¯q→Dq⁎P)/B(B¯q⁎→DqP)≃3τB/τB⁎, andfL,∥(B¯q→Dq⁎V)≃fL,∥(B¯q⁎→DqV).
doi:10.1155/2016/3863725 fatcat:gfesdtglpvdnhny3yclog4n2pa