Design and Evaluation of a Deformable Sensor for Interstitial Pore Pressure Measurement in Concrete under very High Stress Level

Abdallah Accary, Yann Malecot, Laurent Daudeville
2019 Applied Sciences  
Previous studies have shown the strong influence of free water saturation ratio on the triaxial behavior of concrete at high confinement. This influence of the free water is usually attributed to a pore pressure effect. This article presents an experimental method aiming at measuring the pore pressure of free water into concrete samples under very high mean stress. Two types of deformable pressure sensors were designed and tested. The first one works in hydrostatic compression while the second
more » ... n while the second one acts as a flexible membrane. The two sensors give comparable results and show that pore pressure may reach several hundred MPa in saturated concrete sample under a maximum 400 MPa hydrostatic compression. Such levels of pressure may explain the loss of shear strength and increase in volumetric stiffness observed on the macroscopic behavior of concrete due to the presence of free water.
doi:10.3390/app9132610 fatcat:xgqrht6ch5fvplcjb7t3tpdwju