M. L. Linell
1898 Canadian Entomologist  
During his visit in 1896 to Robben Island, a low rock only 2,000 feet long, situated near the eastern coast of Sakhalin Island, in Okhotsk Sea, Dr. Leonhard Stejneger collected only two species of insects, both Coleoptera. One of them is a species ofBembidium, possibly new, but it should be compared with the numerous species from the mainland, which cannot be done at present. The other species belongs to the highly interesting genusAegialites, and is described below as a new species.Aegialites
more » ... species.Aegialites Stejnegeri, Linell new species.
doi:10.4039/ent3074-3 fatcat:hnpl6yussna25a4sdnz5cdgvoi