Judson's Stave Dressing Machine

1847 Scientific American  
We have been shown a model of Mr. !ram lIrewster's plough, which promises to be 01 great advantage to our farmers, especially on broad clear fields. The mould board is sha ped like adividedcone, on the inSide of which is fastened with a hook and staple. the beam, which moves in sockets fixed in the centre of the board. Wilen.a furrow is ploughed out, all that has to be done, is simply to turn over the plough, and the beam round, and plough backwards, turning the sod in the same direclion as the
more » ... previous furrow, though mo ving in the contrary direction. By this re verse moven.ent a great amount of time and travel is saved, After a fair �rial of this plough has been made, if found truly beneficial, Mr. Brewster will apply for a pdtent. Goddard's Rotary Engin ... Mr. EmerRon Goddard of Petersham, has sent us a description of .. new Rotary Engine, un ique and somewhat ditfelent from others. On
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican06121847-300b fatcat:k62mzb6uxzclphsvfxkh4gnwae