Study of selected fission reactions with the application of Nilsson orbitals

Aziz Behkami, Soleiman Rasouli
2011 Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection  
Fis sion frag ment an gu lar anisotropies from neu tron in duced fis sion of 232 Th and 235 U were an a lyzed within the frame work of the sta tis ti cal model. The anal y sis were made at neu tron en er gies from thresh old up to 50 MeV to de duce the vari ance K 0 2 of the K-dis tri bu tion of levels in the tran si tion nu cleus. Our anal y sis shows, that the strength for the K-tran si tion states co mes mainly from the higher an gu lar momentas and is in ac cor dance with Nilsson model
more » ... Nilsson model orbitals. Key words: fis sion an gu lar anisotropies, 232 Th(n, f) and 238 U(n, f) fis sion re ac tions, var i ous neu tron en er gies, Nilsson orbitals at dif fer ent ex ci ta tions A. N. Behkami, et al.: Study of Se lected Fis sion Re ac tions with the Ap pli ca tion .
doi:10.2298/ntrp1103245b fatcat:y5e2ogtobnd77pv6anm7tbncne