Caracterización de películas comestibles a base de extractos pécticos y aceite esencial de limón Mexicano

D. Sánchez Aldana, J.C. Contreras-Esquivel, G.V. Nevárez-Moorillón, C.N. Aguilar
2014 CyTA - Journal of Food  
Biodegradable edible films from bagasse and pomace Mexican lime pectic extracts were prepared, with the addition of glycerol and Lime essential oil. A central composite experimental design was used to obtain 20 different film formulations (from each, bagasse and pomace) using the casting method. Based on the measurement of the mechanical properties and water vapor permeability tests, a formulation was selected for its higher resistance and the lower permeability results. The selected
more » ... selected formulation (1% pectin, 0.75% glycerol and 500 mg/kg of essential oil) presented a punction force of 1.48 N·mm −1 and water permeability of 5.17 × 10 −11 g·s −1 m −1 ·Pa −1 . The film was also characterized for moisture, color FTIR-ATR, TGA and SEM. Incorporation of the Lime essential oil did not affect the functional properties of the film.
doi:10.1080/19476337.2014.904929 fatcat:apf6gyx4krbdrnxkqyjm2amzji