The Effect of Nurses' Fear of Catching COVID-19 on Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors and Vitamin D use during the COVID-19 Pandemic

2022 Sağlık Akademisi Kastamonu  
Nurses, who are at the forefront of the pandemic process, work under serious pressure due to the fear created by the fact that the working conditions in the pandemic conditions are difficult, as well as the constant risk of death. Purpose: This study aimed to examine the effect of the nurses' fear of catching COVID-19 on healthy lifestyle behaviors and vitamin D use during the COVID-19 pandemic. Design and Methods: This study had a descriptive web-based design. The research population consists
more » ... f 233 nurses working at a university research and application hospital. Findings: It was observed that high education level, chronic physiological disorder, not having children and being satisfied with their profession affect healthy lifestyle behaviors positively. Conclusion: It is thought that this study will provide valuable clues for nurses to be supported in order to cope with the fear of COVID-19 and show healthy lifestyle behaviors, to adopt a healthier lifestyle during and after the pandemic process, to maintain it and to set an example for their patients.
doi:10.25279/sak.1027064 fatcat:2jrmkbsabjblnna6rvjo4f2idi