New Reading of Evolution: A Study Plan Correlating the Known Facts of Nature and Forming a Scientific Basis for a Synthetic Philosophy of Individual and Social Life.Henry Clayton Thompson

Victor E. Helleberg
1908 American Journal of Sociology  
population, but also for the further academic reason that it is ai instructive study in the art of making a report. To the professional librarian pp. 54-60 will be of special interest. We learn that 774,144 cards were filed; 43 sections were either recatalogued entirely or are now in process of recataloguing; considerable progress has been made in securing uniformity of Catalogue rules in the United Kingdom and the United States. Considerable interest attaches to the acquisition by the Library
more » ... ion by the Library of Congress of the private library of Mr. Yudin of Siberia, comprising 80,ooo volumes all relating to Russia and Siberia, and all save about 12,000 volumes in the Russian language. So ample a collection, so well balanced, in this particular field may not exist outside of Russia. The owner's manuscript catalogue accompanies the collection. It is rather significant that in the same year in which the library secured this valuable collection of books concerning Russia there was also added a similar library concerning Japan. This is a valuable "working collection for the student of Japanese literature, history, and institutions. It is the personal selection of Professor Asakawa, formerly of Dartmouth, now of the faculty of Yale University. The general reader may be interested in the figures of the Copyright Office. There were in the fiscal year 11,255 foreign and I12,574 domestic entries, a total of I23,829. The present status of the copyright law is discussed in an interesting manner. The attention of serious investigators may justly be called to pp. 70-78, and the last appendix, which give complete information concerning the unique privileges accorded to unique persons by the most unique library in the civilized world. HUGO P. J. SELINGER CHICAGO, ILL.
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