Design and Analysis of Wound Field Three-Phase Flux Switching Machine with Non-overlap Windings and Salient Rotor

Faisal Khan, Erwan Sulaiman, Md Zara fi Ahmad, Zhafir Aizat Husin
2015 International Journal on Electrical Engineering and Informatics  
Topologies for three-phase salient rotor flux-switching machines having non-overlap armature and field windings are presented. Salient rotor is used to modulate and switch the polarity of the flux linkage in the armature winding and this phenomenon represents the basic principle of operation of these types of machines. Non-overlap windings and toothed-rotor are the clear advantages of these topologies as the copper losses gets reduce and rotor becomes more robust. Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
more » ... ent Analysis (FEA) is used to examine the three phase topology of proposed Wound-field flux switching motor (WFFSM) with non-overlap windings and salient rotor. Coil test analysis, peak armature flux linkage, cogging torque, induced emf and average torque are examined. On the basis of these analyses, it is confirmed that 24S-10P has high flux linkage, less cogging torque and high average torque as compared to other WFFSMs.
doi:10.15676/ijeei.2015.7.2.12 fatcat:4rlufemj6fgd7ega54umfvu62e