Synthesis, Magnetization, and Electrical Transport Properties of Mn3Zn0.9Cu0.1N

Y. Yin, J. C. Han, T. P. Ying, J. K. Jian, Z. H. Zhang, L. S. Ling, L. Pi, B. Song
2013 Advances in Condensed Matter Physics  
We synthesized Mn3Zn0.9Cu0.1N by solid state reaction, and magnetic as well as electrical transport properties were investigated. It is found that Mn3Zn0.9Cu0.1N exhibits a first-order antiferromagnetism (AFM) to paramagnetic (PM) transition with the Néel temperatureTN~163 K, and substitution of Cu for Zn would favor ferromagnetism (FM) state and weaken AFM ground state, leading to a convex curvature character ofM(T)curve. With high external fields 10 kOe–50 kOe, magnetic transition remains a
more » ... nsition remains a robust AFM-PM feature while FM phase is completely suppressed. Thermal hysteresis ofM(T)under 500 Oe is also suppressed when the magnetic field exceeds 10 kOe. Mn3Zn0.9Cu0.1N exhibits a good metallic behavior except for a slope change aroundTN, which is closely related to AFM-PM magnetic transition. Compared with the first differential of resistivity with respect to temperature for(dρ/dT)Mn3ZnNin transition temperature range, the absolute value of(dρ/dT)Mn3Zn0.9Cu0.1Nis much lower which is close to zero.
doi:10.1155/2013/863963 fatcat:li33ue5ow5dermo4znurfzs7r4