Polyelectrolyte complex nanoparticles of poly(ethyleneimine) and poly(acrylic acid): Preparation and applications [article]

M. Müller, B. Keßler, J. Fröhlich, S. Poeschla, B. Torger, University, My
In this contribution we outline polyelectrolyte (PEL) complex (PEC) nanoparticles, prepared by mixing solutions of the low cost PEL components poly(ethyleneimine) (PEI) and poly(acrylic acid) (PAC). It was found, that the size and internal structure of PEI/PAC particles can be regulated by process, media and structural parameters. Especially, mixing order, mixing ratio, PEL concentration, pH and molecular weight, were found to be sensible parameters to regulate the size (diameter) of spherical
more » ... eter) of spherical PEI/PAC nanoparticles, in the range between 80-1,000 nm, in a defined way. Finally, applications of dispersed PEI/PAC particles as additives for the paper making process, as well as for drug delivery, are outlined. PEI/PAC nanoparticles mixed directly on model cellulose film showed a higher adsorption level applying the mixing order 1. PAC 2. PEI compared to 1. PEI 2. PAC. Surface bound PEI/PAC nanoparticles were found to release a model drug compound and to stay immobilized due to the contact with the aqueous release medium.
doi:10.34657/4392 fatcat:np7zlx6hz5dufglwsfggabqybq