Biosynthesis and Function of the Coronavirus Spike Protein [chapter]

H. Vennema, P. J. M. Rottier, L. Heijnen, G. J. Godeke, M. C. Horzinek, W. J. M. Spaan
1990 Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology  
One of the most interesting aspects of coronavirus replication is their intracellular assembly. Budding is localized in the ER-pre Golgi region (8, 26). Both coronavirus glycoproteins are synthesized in the RER on membrane bound ribosomes (16). The integral membrane protein (M) accumulates in the perinuclear region and is believed to determine the site of budding. The spike protein (S) mediates binding of virions to the host cell receptor, possesses a fusogenic activity and is the major target
more » ... s the major target for virus neutralizing antibodies (22). The primary nucleotide sequence and the predicted amino acid sequence of a number of spike protein genes revealed features characteristic of type I membrane proteins (22).
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