Dynamic Behavior of Dust Particles in Plasmas [chapter]

Yoshifumi Saitou, Osamu Ishihara
2020 Progress in Fine Particle Plasmas [Working Title]  
Experimentally observed dynamic behavior, such as a particle circulation under magnetic field, a bow shock formation in an upper stream of an obstacle, etc., will be reviewed. Dust particles confined in a cylindrical glass tube show a dynamic circulation when strong magnetic field is applied from the bottom of the tube using a permanent magnet. The circulation consists of two kinds of motions: one is a toroidal rotation around the tube axis, and the other is a poloidal rotation. Dust particles
more » ... on. Dust particles are blown upward from near the bottom of the tube against the gravity neighborhood of the tube axis. A two-dimensional supersonic flow of dust particles forms a bow shock in front of a needlelike-shaped obstacle when the flow crosses the obstacle. The slower flow passes the obstacle as a laminar flow. A streamlineshaped void where dust particles are not observed is formed around the obstacle.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.88787 fatcat:escghptosfhtdkhtco57i3tzii