Development of a primary standard for absorbed dose from unsealed radionuclide solutions

I Billas, D Shipley, S Galer, G Bass, T Sander, A Fenwick, V Smyth
2016 Metrologia  
This paper presents theoretical solutions for mean traveling distance of primary photons emitted from ground contaminated with radionuclide. Three typical patterns of radioactivity distribution are considered: (1) plane superficial source, (2) homogeneous volume source and (3) exponentially decreasing activity as a function of soil depth. Radiation dose rate can be to be evaluated using the mean traveling distance. Comparisons between the results calculated in the present work and those
more » ... k and those obtained using detail Monte Carlo simulation codes indicate a good agreement for various radioactivity distributions and for photon energy ranging from 0.5 to 2 MeV. This methodology is very useful to estimate environmental radiation dose rates in a short time and can be practically used by residents and local government agents to evaluate impacts of radioactivity as well as KEY WORDS: analysis, calculation, cesium 137, cesium 134, dose rate, photon fluence rate, mean traveling distance, primary photon, radioactivity.
doi:10.1088/0026-1394/53/6/1259 fatcat:d3gnpacafbcbrbylwvfftyee4i