La négociation dans les interactions conflictuelles : Une contribution à l'évaluation différentielle d'enfants autistiques de « haut niveau »

Edy Veneziano, Marie Hélène Plumet
2009 Enfance  
Autistic children with moderate mental retardation and relatively preserved language development encounter specific difficulties relating to diagnostic and evaluation. Testing these children's language and social knowledge in experimental settings doesn't specifically capture the pragmatic dimension of autistic children's communicative behavior. The aim of this study was to conduct a precise evaluation of these children's use of verbal and nonverbal behaviors in socially-meaningful ways, when
more » ... ingful ways, when engaged in conflicting situations and on children's abilities a) to offer justifications; b) to take into account the justifications offered by their interlocutors; and c) to adapt their productions according to the online unfolding of the exchange. Results based on 15 children (6 autistic and 9 typically developing matched on verbal age and younger 2 year olds) show the existence of resemblances and differences in the pragmatic functioning of autistic and normally developing children. They indicate that a relatively small sample of naturally occurring interaction is able to show areas of pragmatic functioning and dysfunctioning and to establish, for each dyad, a differential assessment of their communicative interactions in everyday life.
doi:10.4074/s0013754509001165 fatcat:6gizayr6yjdmvaktyzdwsgfpau