An Experimental Device for Measuring the Single-Phase Transformers Inrush Current

L. Petrescu, E. Cazacu, V. Ioniţă, Maria-Cătălina Petrescu
2019 The Scientific Bulletin of Electrical Engineering Faculty  
Electrical transformers are essential parts of power supply networks and it is important that their life-time to be preserved. The inrush current of this devices could determine malfunctioning of the transformers or even others component of the network. For this reason, determining the inrush current for single-phase transformers is an important issue in power quality analysis of electrical grids. In this paper we presented an experimental device (hardware set-up and software program) that can
more » ... program) that can measure this in rush current features for small transformers (up to 10 kVA). Also, the device affords the users to measure inrush current knowing the geometry of the transformer, the dimensions and the magnetic characteristic of the core.
doi:10.1515/sbeef-2019-0004 fatcat:h2qq6tpeynbtdl25jabojcbhle