Design Optimization of a Reluctance Lead Screw for Wave Energy Conversion

Tian Tian, Weimin Wu, Jiacheng Jiang, Lixun Zhu, Kaiyuan Lu, Frede Blaabjerg
2020 Energies  
A reluctance lead screw (RLS) is proposed in this paper which consists of a rotor and a translator, forming a magnetic device that is able to transfer low-speed linear motion into high-speed rotational motion. Permanent magnets (PMs) are only installed in the rotor, making it more suitable for long-stroke applications. The design aspects are assessed by finite element analysis (FEA) and the performance is evaluated. In addition, the thrust force per magnet volume is presented for evaluating the
more » ... for evaluating the utilization rate of the PMs. The simulation results show that RLS has an advantage in terms of the PM utilization rate. A new method for realizing spiral magnets has also been developed which can not only reduce the manufacturing difficulties, but also ease the installation work. Finally, based on the simulations and analyses, two RLS prototypes designed for wave energy converters (WECs) are presented to show the potential applications of this novel topology.
doi:10.3390/en13205388 fatcat:upc7v2as55fv3kkuji7su2qoqy