Anion Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Performance in the Presence of Carbon Dioxide: An Investigation into the Self-Purging Mechanism

Jacob A. Wrubel, Aldo A. Peracchio, Brice N. Cassenti, Kyle N. Grew, Wilson K. S. Chiu
2019 Journal of the Electrochemical Society  
In this study we investigate the commonly observed phenomenon whereby carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) in the cathode gas stream (e.g., air) is absorbed and released from the anion exchange membrane fuel cell (AEMFC). Often described as "self-purging" due to the emission of the CO 2 gas from the AEMFC with increased current, the mechanisms of this process are still largely unknown. Herein we provide evidence that this self-purging occurs through an electrochemical mechanism, in which bicarbonate and
more » ... icarbonate and carbonate ions directly participate in the hydrogen oxidation reaction. After determining the nature of the self-purging mechanism, we present a series of parametric studies that investigate the fundamental effects of CO 2 on the AEMFC, and discuss certain operating parameters that can be manipulated to improve cell performance.
doi:10.1149/2.0801912jes fatcat:zedzgovmovhtziavcckpkjnhfa