Valeur énergétique des co-produits de la pomme de terre chez le ruminant

Bernard Vanabelle, Fabienne Poupard, Jean-Michel Besancenot, François Morel d'Arleux, Philippe Weiss, Yvan Larondelle
2000 Annales de Zootechnie  
Energy value of potato by-products in ruminant. A digestibility measurement aiming at determining the energetic values of the three most important by-products of the potato industry was performed in sheep maintained on metabolic pens under standard conditions. The "mash-peel", a starch rich by-product resulting from a deep peeling of the tubers was compared to the "screening" (uncooked fault cuttings) and to the "proteopulp" (starch potato pulp supplemented with protein). All by-products were
more » ... by-products were characterized by a digestibility of the organic matter higher than 80%. The same was true for the digestibility of the crude energy, except for the "proteopulp" where the value was slightly lower than 80%. The digestibility of the crude protein and of the crude fiber showed more important differences between the by-products. In particular, the crude protein was weakly digestible in the "screening" (26%) whereas the crude fiber was highly digestible in the "proteopulp" (80%). The net energetic values of the "mash-peel" and of the "screening" were close to 1.10 UFL and 1.05 UFV whereas for the "proteopulp", they were of 0.96 UFL and 0.94 UFV. Ann. Zootech. 49 (2000) 399-404 399 © INRA, EDP Sciences by-products / potato / digestibility / energetic value
doi:10.1051/animres:2000131 fatcat:epuqo6tdr5ewppv5swenxhycze