A Confirmation of the Experiments Mentioned in Numb. 27. to Have Been Made by Signor Fracassati in Italy, by Injecting Acid Liquors into Blood

S. Fracassati
1666 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London  
the Bellowes inverted. I know another that was for crackling of C inders under her feet. From which kind of Instances I am in clin'd to doubt, whether that Diftemper begins at the tion of the A c id liquor in th \s S t o m a c h ,a nd not rather at the rus, which next infers the Brain, fuch kind of things gratify ing the Fancy fomewayes milled, more than the A ppetite n a tu ra l any wayes depraved. 6 . Somewhat, like to this, is to be found in Brutes* In May laft a G rey-houndBitch at Bright™
more » ... ndBitch at Bright™ ell-Hall) about five or fix dayes before Ihe caft her W helps, had fuch a wild kind of Hunger (though Ihe was fed fufficiently eveiy day with ufual food) that, finding another Bitches Whelps, (he devour'd them all (4 or 5, as I remember) and fell next upon the Bitch her felf, who made a fbift to get from her as well as Ihe could, being help'd. From this, and from Sows devouring whole L itte rs of Pigs, lam prone to think otherwifeof the Longings of Teeming-W omen* than is the common opinion. This Ohfervatm J b o u l ah ave been added to \ ber
doi:10.1098/rstl.1666.0048 fatcat:omey4gddifdcvhrvfn5oxqgr5q