Bioindication of aquatic habitats with diatom algae in the Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan

Barinova SS, Niyatbekov T
2018 MOJ Ecology & Environmental Sciences  
Paper represents the first results of bioindication analysis of water quality in the Pamir aquatic habitats including rivers, lakes, mineral and hot springs with help of diatom algae. Altogether 438 bioindicators taxa were revealed from 558 known diatom algae in Pamir. Twelve environmental properties were assessed with help of species autecology. Bioindication analysis was doing for environmental parameters of water temperature, pH, salinity, and oxygen saturation as well as was assessed
more » ... te preferences and nutrition type of diatoms, trophic state of water bodies and water quality on the base of organic pollution indications. We was find that diatoms in Pamir are strongly autotrophes, benthic or plankto-benthic inhabitants that preferred lowsaline, low-alkaline, middle oxygenated clear fresh water with low organical pollution and oligo-to meso-eutrophic state. Compative floristics of Pamir and surrounding diatom floras let us to assume that studied algal flora can represent regional reference area for close related high mountains habitats.
doi:10.15406/mojes.2018.03.00075 fatcat:mvmg4nvbvzb3pmx4ecfal6jepa