Do Iranian and Canadian Females Make Different Personal Decisions?

Mahin Tavakoli
2012 Sociology Mind  
This study examined cultural differences and similarities in the number and types of personal decisions made by Iranian and Canadian females. Canadians made more decisions than did Iranians, indicating that Canadians are more autonomous and independent than are Iranians. The types of decisions made more by Canadians than by Iranians illustrate that, when making decisions, Canadians use primary control (trying to change their situation) more than Iranians do, while Iranians use secondary control
more » ... e secondary control (trying to adjust to the situation) more than Canadians do. The results support theories of cultural differences locating Canada and Iran at opposite ends of individualism-collectivism continuum, and are consistent with the individualistic-collectivist distinctions made by Heine (2008) , Savani, Markus, and Conner (2008), and Triandis (2004) .
doi:10.4236/sm.2012.21016 fatcat:is7idy6nqnbmjhjh3kdhyvev2a