Geopolitical Analysis of Internet Raising Terrorism: Emphasizing ISIS

kiumars yazdan panah, mahtab jaefari
2019 Faṣlnāmah-i Pizhūhish/hā-yi Rāhburdī-i Siyāsat  
The development of information and communication technology, including the Internet and derivatives of this powerful software, defined within the concept of cyberspace, is the formation of a series of communications between social groups different from the distance Far away in the real world, which has brought new opportunities and threats to the hands of governments. For example, terrorist activities are among the new threats that cyberspace has created. The present paper, by presenting a
more » ... y presenting a geopolitical analysis, attempts to answer the question of how cyberspace plays a role in expanding the range of terrorist activities from local to global scales with emphasis on ISIS. To answer this question, the present research was conducted with purposeful and descriptive-analytic method and library method was used to collect information. Finally, the result was that the use of cyberspace by the ISIS terrorist group, which has the most extensive and fastest applications of this technology over the years 2011 to 2016, has made the level of this new geopolitical actor change from local to transnational, and the scale of influence This unconventional actor in the geopolitical arena will expand from local to sub-national, transnational, and global.
doi:10.22054/qpss.2018.9092.1261 doaj:ca683252f3b949d7adb3e6618bb92fc8 fatcat:lp5mztkgfzhpxgh3hvncweus6m